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Arjo is a global medical technology company with an annual turnover of app. €700m, and 4,200 employees, serving the needs of acute and long-term care. Arjo, it was part of the Getinge Group was established in early 2007 through the merger of Huntleigh Technology PLC. Arjo was spun out of Getinge in 2018.

A former service consultant shared in a review: "Arjo has the worst management that only promotes those who don't work. The worst company to work for stay far away or run away. They treat employee's horribly."


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"too many chiefs on enough Indians"

Former Employee - Service says

"Had a complete lack of strategy. They purchase companies, suck the cash out without any investment, and layoff to cut cost as they lose revenue. Products are old and tired. See comment about leadership below. It's depressing to work at a place that is managing the downward spiral. Everyone I respect and trust there is looking."

Former Employee - Managing Supervisor says

"Management is clueless and never showes up at service centers."

Former Employee - Sales and Service says

"Arjo management steps in and purchases Huntleigh and then rearranges how things get done, They changed procedures and began taking shortcuts in my territory.This left the ability to provide 100% clean, ready, tested and patient ready product impossible. Too many calls to properly address the issue. I stepped up after 4+ weeks of this and reported it to senior management ( after numerous attempts to resolve it with my immediate supervisor) it helped, I did the right thing I lost my job due to supervisor retaliation, but Arjo upper management did make changes . At least the patients got what what they should have gotten all along, Too bad at my expense by loosing my job.But I would not change a thing!!! THE PATIENTS COME FIRST................."

Former Employee - Clinical Consultant says

"poor leadership and management,. Complete disregard for work life balance."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This was a great place to work BEFORE KCI took over !!! The care that was given to the hospitals we serviced before the take over , was A+ That came to an end once KCI got in there. I heard complaintes from hospital staff everyday. it was sickining."

Former Employee - Accounting & Financial Planning says

"You are expected to work the most rediculous hours becuase they are so behind in 1. Technology and 2. LEADERS. They have plenty of managers but no LEADERS For all those extra hours you would think you would get a few comp days right? Wrong! I'm talking 7am-midnight on some days. REDICULOUS! No compassion at this place."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No management involvement (the manager of my department does not interact with us at all) Just implemented an ERP solution and rather than providing proper training just threw everyone to the wolves Zero career growth potential, and I do mean zero Would rather hire consultants than give existing employees an opportunity to advance their career Very little HR presence at this company"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salaried employees are expected to work late nights and weekends and do the work that the hourly people don't finish in 40 hours (no overtime for hourly because that would cost money). Then management brags about margins... unreal workload that never gets better, downsized for no apparent reason and dumped already overwhelmed employees with extra work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low salary and no benefits"

Account Executive-Arkansas (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend. The work environment is toxic, and the employee morale is at an all time low. Management works through smoke and mirrors. The compensation is not on par with other medical companies"

Account Executive-Arkansas (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for many years. I would not recommend to anyone. The company is a joke since new management took the reigns. Arjo does not give the support to succeed."

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